Our mission is to break open the conversation about what mid-life is like for men. We’ll talk about challenges openly, and provide support where possible.

About us

Some people cruise through midlife. Some people get stuck. We’re two dudes in our midlife interested in figuring this thing out. We’ve hit our own respective walls and seen many men hit theirs. Join the club. Listen. Share.

Alright – tell me more

Let’s be honest. Men have, traditionally, not been very good at being open and seeking help when they need it (us included). And mid-life for men can be especially difficult for a number of reasons.
We explore these issues and bring in experts to discuss well being in your mid-life.
More than that, we want to help not just identify issues but provide solutions and support. We’re all in this together.


Click below to hear us ramble on about super-interesting things.


I like these guys. They’re honest and this hit on the topics that are relevant to me. Worth a listen.
- Dave P.


This is good sh**. Research based and informative.
- Mike T.


Can I write my own testimonial? Probably shouldn’t.
- Matt B.

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